Welcome to the ePS National Diversity Veteran Small Business eMarketplace.


There are hundreds of companies, public sector programs, and organizations that are committed to helping our Veteran companies, Service-disabled Veteran companies, Military spouse Veteran companies, Diversity companies, Woman owned companies and small businesses. What if we could bring all of them together in one all-inclusive, one size does not fit all offering that meets every buyers need to participate? The name speaks for itself. The NDVSB is an all inclusive one size does not fit all eMarketplace that aligns products and service suppliers with the private and public sector buying organizations.


Works with Multiple Purchasing Scenarios Based on the Buying Organizations Requirements and Suppliers Capabilities


Buyer Side Scenarios

There are several types of Buyers within the ePS NDVBS Program. From small, medium and large companies. The NDVSB eMarketplace can meet all their requirements.


Companies that do not have a Formal Diversity Inclusion Program

Those that do not have a formal diversity inclusion program but want to support buying from local businesses, MBEs, WBE’s and Veterans. This group will self-register for the NDVSB eMarketplace, shop and buy. Credit card only.


Mid-Size Companies with Formal Diversity Inclusion Program

This group will need their own custom version of the eMarketplace. They require specific purchasing and financial processes to be followed to buy from our supplier partners. ePS will provide them their own NO COST version with their selected suppliers. The eMarketplace has the same functionality of all the large eProcurement platforms, for example: Ariba, Coupa, UniMarket, Jaggaer, ESM etc.


Large Companies and Public Sector that have an eProcurement Platform and Formal Diversity Inclusion Program

ePS eConnect solution currently integrates to all major eProcurement platforms. Examples are: Ariba, Coupa, UniMarket, Jaggaer, ESM etc.


Supplier Requirements. ePS eConnect has you covered.

ePS Connect has 3 modules.

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Includes ePS Catalog

ePS Catalog is more than just margin management, it is scalable content management software. Easily manage catalog content, manage margins by category or line items for tens of thousands to over millions of SKU’s. Manage multiple SKU’s from multiple distributors all within one catalog template that will create multiple process sheets for different buyer pricing. It scales with your business growth and allows integration into other online marketplaces to expand your sales opportunities.

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Includes ePS Fulfill

ePS eConnect includes ePS Fulfill, an online dashboard that enables you to automatically receive orders from your customers and automate the process of sending a cost purchase order directly to your distributors. ePS Fulfill accepts cost invoices and advanced ship notices from your distributors and automatically forwards all tracking information to your buyer. ePS Fulfill removes manual order processing and even integrates into your business and accounting software for reporting precision.

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Includes ePS Pay

ePS eConnect Pay is our proprietary payment processing platform that adheres to strict industry standards for storage, transmission and security of credit card data. We process transactions on behalf of both buyers and suppliers, preventing fraud and reducing risk.

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