The National Diversity Veteran Small Business Programs, Powered by ePS.

Our NDVSB programs leverage our all-inclusive, one size does not fit all, eMarketplace that aligns Veteran, Diversity, and Small Business products and service Suppliers with the Private and Public sector Buying Organizations.

Our mission is to build stronger diverse small businesses through technology that automates and streamlines business processes, providing increased revenue opportunities and scalability to compete within large Private Enterprise and Public Sector accounts.

Message from NDVSB CEO:

It has been far too long that our small business partners are second or third in line for new business opportunities. Now more than ever our small business partners need to have the technology and the networking to grow their businesses. 

“Whatever you do, do it with all your might”

Our Mission: 

The NDVSB Program brings business opportunities for our certified small business partners in both the private sector and public sector markets. In conjunction with our parent company ePS, we provide the much-needed technology for our small business partners (SBP’s) to be competitive and aligned with the ever-changing requirements of the private sector and public sector purchasing departments. 

Our Goal: 

Our goal at ePS and NDSVB is to make all our small business partners preferred suppliers for National Corporations and the Federal government. 

NDVSB Private Sector Program

Private Sector

ePS- NDVSB has been working with hundreds of large corporations for over 16 years and aligning our small business partners with new opportunities and providing revenue growth. We know what is needed to meet all the requirements these purchasing departments have in order to gain new business and become a preferred supplier. There are multiple scenarios that our small business partners have to align to, so they are at the top of any purchasing departments list. Our small business partners can meet any purchasing and financial processes and any integrations needs from buying organizations. It all starts with technology. Through our National Corporate member status and partnership with NMSDC we work with over 1500 corporations to help them meet their diversity spend goals.

Quotes from Corporate Members

This is a great opportunity for Veteran, Diversity and Small Businesses. They will benefit from the ability to get in front of Corporate Members. Thank you for taking the time to create this.
- Global Sustainability, Supplier Diversity & Government Compliance Lead
This is awesome. How can we help?
- Senior Director, Global Procurement
All corporations who have diversity spend goals have been seeking a list of Veteran, Diversity and Small Businesses to buy from. This is the list! And this eMarketplace serves a bigger purpose! It is so motivating to see this tool – it provides a utopian world of Veteran, Diversity and Small Businesses ready to do business with corporations. This is just phenomenal, such important work at an important junction. Kudos to all for the efforts.
- Manager, Procurement Controlling
- Supplier Diversity Manager

NDVSB Federal Program

Federal Sector

We know how difficult it is to try and do business with the federal government. Our path for our small business partners is to start with the Federal Governments P-card purchases which account for tens of billions of dollars. Our SBP’s do not need to be on a GSA schedule or need to submit bids for new business. New business for our SBP’s comes through the AAFES / NDVSB eMarketplace. The first federal agency under the AAFES / NDVSB eMarketplace is the DOD. Specifically, the Air Force and Army installations across the USA start their use of the AAFES / NDVSB eMarketplace in Q1 2022. We start with targeting over $3B in GPC spend and move that spend to our SBP’s. From there we align our SBPs with BPA opportunities, to Purchase order opportunities, BPA’s and then Contracts.

The AAFES / NDVSB eMarketplace is available to all Federal Agencies. We will continue our work in 2022 with other Federal agencies via the Office of Small & Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU).

These are massive e-commerce engines that will help create that tipping point, Hogan said.

“We want to do business with the local small businesses,” he said. “Things like this and the industry days are vital to breaking down some of those barriers and complexities in doing business with the Air Force.”

Major Gen. Cameron Holt, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics said, the First Look Program is going to put a giant magnifying glass over the local communities.

“We are going to reverse the trend of disconnecting ourselves from small businesses and our communities,” he said during the workshop. “You, as GPC holders, are going to change the reality that we have gotten to, and you are going to rejoin our communities. You are going to lead that charge.”


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