Announcing the Launch of the NDVSB eMarketplace for AAFES

Published : April 19, 2021
Posted by : Julie Russett

On April 13th, the National Diversity Veteran Small Business (NDVSB) eMarketplace was launched. Offering dozens of ecatalogs with over 7M products across 14 product categories from dozens of SBE, MBE and Veteran suppliers, the NDVSB eMarketplace is the largest diversity inclusion eMarketplace available today. New suppliers and
additional products are added every day.

Partnering with the Army and Air Force Exchange Services (AAFES) and the Rosie Network, and powered by ePS, the NDVSB eMarketplace is accessible to more than 200 Army and Air Force installations across the US.

By shopping through the NDVSB eMarketplace, Government Purchase Cardholders (GPC) help military families and small businesses. AAFES has given more than $2.2 billion in the last decade to support the military community. A portion of the profits from the NDVSB eMarketplace go back to the military community and will increase financial support to critical military Quality of Life programs that promote military
readiness and resiliency including Child, Youth and School Services, Armed Forces Recreation Centers that directly benefit active-duty military families.

Every participating supplier is required to have at least one national socio-economic certification – MBE, VOB, SDVOB, WBE, HUB Zone, MilSpouse, etc. Suppliers must have the ability to support the volume that may result from participation – sufficient inventory or a national distributor relationship, firm credit facility, and staff to provide
excellent customer service. The Army and Air Force have a focus on “buy local” so geographic location is also a consideration.

Participating in the NDVSB eMarketplace opens doors for Certified Small Businesses. It provides an avenue to gain experience with government non-contract spending, and with the technology solution provided by ePS to suppliers, it empowers these small businesses to pursue large government and private enterprise contracts.

To learn more, contact

This content was neither paid for nor sponsored, in whole or in part, by the EXCHANGE, the military exchange system, or the United States Government

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