B2B, B2G eCommerce Solutions

Published : October 23, 2020
Posted by : William Aemisegger

The world of eCommerce has been growing for decades and has been focused on B2C. Small businesses, many of whom are 3rd party Resellers, launch an eCommerce website, and sell products to anyone. These eCommerce sites are relatively simple to manage and simplistic in the functionality offered – shop, checkout, purchase, track.

Over the past several years, more and more 3rd party resellers have prioritized developing their B2B and B2G eCommerce strategies. To successfully move into this space, the 3rd party reseller had to adopt new solutions to meet the business and government buyers’ needs. And since COVID, the demand from Business and Government buyers to have online access to purchase products they need has increased dramatically. And with this comes the requirement that this online purchasing must adhere to specific business processes defined by these B2B and B2G consumers.

No longer is a standard eCommerce storefront acceptable. Unless small businesses undergo a true digital transformation and adopt online solutions that address these requirements, they cannot compete in the new online B2B and B2G world.

Small Business eCommerce Challenges

eCommerce Marketplaces offer the sophisticated functionality that B2B and B2G customers require. They have the ease of shopping offered by the eCommerce website but provide more functionality to address these business customers requirements. There are two options for selling on eCommerce Marketplaces – multi-channel and private.

Multi-channel selling means offering products on multiple public eCommerce Marketplaces. Selling product on eCommerce Marketplaces requires catalog content management. High maintenance requirements force 3rd party sellers to restrict their business to small offerings. In addition, the competition is fierce. Everyone is selling the same stuff. Low margins are the only way to compete. In order to create enough revenue, 3rd party sellers must sell via multiple channels. This compounds the difficulties – multiple manual processes with multiple marketplaces. And in the process, the 3rd party reseller is not reaching their target audience – research shows that 90% of multi-channel eMarketplace sales are B2C, not B2B or B2G.

Building eCommerce Success

The alternate solution is to invest in creating a private eMarketplace offering of your own. ePS is a small business’s road into the B2B and B2G market. Our solutions offer you three different options to be a competitor in the B2B/B2G space.

  1. ePS Integration+ for Amazon Business: Focus your resources and efforts on the largest eCommerce marketplace in the world. We remove manual processes and differentiate your offering from other sellers on Amazon Business by offering 100X the average product catalog with multiple product lines.
  2. ePS eMarketplace: You need to bring larger buyer customers more than an eCommerce storefront. Business buyers require the functionality of an eProcurement platform like Hierarchy approvals, Financial assignments, credit card encryption, multiple user profiles, level III line item reporting and much more. The ePS eMarketplace meets those requirements and more and is branded for your company. ePS combined eProcurement functionality with eCommerce Marketplace flexibility to bring B2B and B2G all they need to buy on-line via the ePS eMarketplace
  3. ePS eConnect: Large Private sector businesses and Public sector accounts already invested millions in eProcurement platforms ( Ariba, Coupa, Unimarket, ESM, more). ePS eConnect integrates to all 3rd party eProcurement platforms and large ERP systems.

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